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Find out more about the critical care workers choir and their bid for chart success!

Does this sound familiar?

You’re not feeling the office love, the company vibe or staff morale.

You want to create a better workplace and environment where people form quality relationships.

You’ve tried various wellbeing activities, one-off workshops and away days and whilst they’ve all been lovely and well received, the lovliness doesn’t last.

You’re looking for something long term which is accessible to lots of employees.

Every Breath You Take (We Watch Over You)

by ICU Liberty Singers

Workplace Singing

I work with companies like yours to implement a workplace choir to improve morale, happiness and the sense of community.

The scientific benefits of singing have been well documented. Singing increases serotonin and oxytocin (the happy stuff) and reduces cortisol (the stress stuff).

In short, we feel less stressed when singing!


 Singing in the workplace can be a great way to improve relationships between staff, communication issues and generally raise morale. I can tailor a programme to your needs from early morning singing, lunchtime meet ups, one-off workshops, team building activities and ice-breaker conference openers. I can work face to face, online via zoom or a mixture of the two.

So if you’re ready to break down barriers between departments, inject joy and laughter into your workforce and improve communication across the board,  book a call to chat.


Workplace Singing Packages

Christmas Singing Project

With the season of goodwill approaching, why not book me to spread some Christmas magic? I can work face to face in your organisation or online via zoom.

More Details

This project offers either 2 rehearsals and a face to face performance (this could be within your organisation or out and about in public) or, 2 rehearsals and a virtual recording which you can share amongst your colleagues. I have run several virtual recordings with newly formed workplace choirs and they really work! There’s the additional possibility of creating a video to go with it. Prices start at £999 with additional things (such as a video or extra rehearsals) subject to negotiation.

Singing Workshops

Bringing people together from all across your organisation to sing is a great way to break down barriers and create new relationships. Workshops are designed to include everyone no matter what their singing ability might be.

More Details

I start each session with a vocal  and movement warm up. I provide the lyrics and backing trakcs to a selection of songs (I have a ‘spell book’ of songs which I know work and am happy to wotk with you to make somgs elections if you’d like to). I start songs with the original artist singing until we have gained some confidence. I then take apart the song and add in harmony, dynamics and expression. Eventually, we are able to lose the original vocal and create all of the singing ourselves. I aim to start and finish the songs within the session to give singers the feeling of achievement they deserve. Price start at £400 per hour with additional things subject to negotiation.

Regular Workplace Choir

Meeting regularly maintains healthy working relationships. We can work together towards performances either in-house or in public and really work towards the goal together.

More Details

Having a goal to aim for works really well, whether that be a public performance, a charity event or an in-house opoortunity to perform. People love to see ‘their own’ collagues having a great time singing and often wish they’d got involved! I can accommodate as many singers as you’ve got room for.Meet ups often work best fortnighly as this allows singers to progress withiut feeling overloaded. I can accommodate monthly meet ups and would adjust the expectations and teaching style accordingly. These all work really well online via zoom. Current availability is for daytimes only.

Online Singing

With many staff members working from home, it’s more important than ever to connect people and maintain workplace communities. I’ve perfected my online singing package so that’s it’s appropriate for the change in circumstances we find ourselves in at the moment.

More Details

Online sessions take place via zoom enabling participants to see each other and interact. During the actual ‘singing’ part, it’s simply not possible to hear each other due to latency IT issues and so this is the point I opt to ‘mute all’. This has it’s advantages! People singing in the comfort of their own environment have the confidence to try new things and develop their singing. I always start with some vocal warm ups and a little bit of singing technique.

Harmonies are taught by ear and can be provided as an extra resource if required. I develop the layers of sound through the session and am able to repeat parts and answer questions as we go along. There is no need to have sung before or have been part of a choir. My teaching style is inclusive and easy to follow and most importantly, it’s fun.

About Me

I am Kari, a freelance choir director. I am passionate about singing together in groups and believe the value in this extends far beyond the actual singing.

We can create joy, happiness and confidence through group singing in the workplace. You get the chance to escape through song which helps build good working relationships and develops a great sense of teamwork. The physical and emotional benefits of singing can improve confidence and wellbeing… it’s also great FUN! Nobody needs to have any singing experience, you don’t need to read music nor even have a ‘good singing voice’.  

We all feel a bit better when we sing, but it’s when we sing together that this is amplified beyond all reason. I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing you as we start our singing adventure. We have the capacity to work face to face or over zoom – it’s even possible to create hybrid sessions. Whatever suits your organisation best.


 Singing let me have something for me – something that I could grow at, not just a pastime but an event I always looked forward to and I wasn’t alone. I made new friends and became part of the team and I have loved every minute of it.”

“I value the beautiful friends I have made and have so enjoyed singing out loud in something other than the shower! Thank you Kari for making this happen.”

“Thank you for the session today, it was a marvellous way to break up the day and have an opportunity to sing with colleagues. I do feel happier and calmer which is a nice way to be before the weekend..”

“Thank you for the session today, it was a marvellous way to break up the day and have an opportunity to sing with colleagues. I do feel happier and calmer which is a nice way to be before the weekend..”

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