The Pop Up Liberty Singers

My latest venture – a pop up choir/singalong start on Wednesday 30th January. This is perfect for anyone who can’t or doesn’t want to commit to a full choir. but likes singing, especially with other people! The format has worked really well in the past. I prepare 4 or 5 songs. We have a sing through. Then we pick through each song one at a time, adding a bit of harmony here, a bit of frilly stuff there, work on the performance, the dynamics and the emotion, then sing it again. There’s no need to read music or have any previous experience. Each month we sing different songs so there’s no need to commit to it being a regular thing.

Best of all, we are in the Test Match pub! So grab a drink form the bar downstairs, then head on up for an hour and a half from 7.30pm. We’ll be finished by 9pm so plenty of time to squeeze in a celebratory drink afterwards too if you choose to.

test match-3

Booking through Eventbrite is essential please. Do share with your friends! You can contact me for more details.

One thought on “The Pop Up Liberty Singers

  1. R Litchfield says:

    Hi Kari,

    I’ve got it bad, standing in the Lounge belting out Hallelujah to Shrek, like a 5 year old.

    Good job big brothers not around.

    Bob 😂

    Sent from my iPad



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