Pop Up Liberty Singers!

Pop Up Feb1On Wednesday 27th, I had my second Pop Up Choir at the Test Match pub in West Bridgford. I think only 4 people had been before, so lots of new faces which was great.

This month’s songs are different from last month’s. That’s the way we roll at Pop Up Choir! We sang through ‘Moonlight Shadow’, ‘Kiss Me’, ‘Super Trouper’, ‘La Isla Bonita’ and ‘Tragedy’. A quick sing through helps us get a feel for the songs and people then develop their favourites. We moved on to work on three of them creating harmonies and emotion and recordings!

I loved it that one new member sent a message through to say that he’d woken up STILL singing the next morning! This is exactly what I’m trying to promote! There were a lot of happy faces as well as a lovely sound. Hoping many of you return in March for more of the same.


Moonlight Shadow

Super Trouper

Which one is your favourite!?

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