The Liberty Chorus

As many of you know – my community choir ‘The West Bridgford Liberty Singers’ is huge. I love it. There’s such an energy and a joy to it.

I was approached by a few members who wanted to do something similar, but on a smaller scale. We booked in some time and the Liberty Chorus was created. At first, we met for an hour a fortnight but this played havoc with my evenings and so in January we extended it to 2 hours just once a month.

Because there are fewer of us (anywhere between 14-18) we are able to get things done which perhaps we don’t in the bigger group. we’ve got some really tricky projects on including ‘Only You’ (flying Pickets Acapella version – which I arranged to suit the voices I have) and some quality Girls Aloud. (The promise).

I love working with these ladies  – oh how we laugh. The running joke is “Here I am, walking primrose”…. what does this mean?! Is there some deep reference to Shakespear or is it simply a lady walking her dog (a labradoodle we thought) called Primrose!?

What do you think?! Do please reveal your answers to us!!!

The Liberty Chorus will be performing on April 1st at the WBLS rehearsal and again on April 8th at the Test Match pub gig. These ladies are going places…….

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