University of Nottingham Faculty of Social Sciences Health and Wellbeing Day.

UonNI was delighted to go along as one of the activities on offer to the staff at the University of Nottingham this week. They had all sorts of activities from pilates to yoga and a bit of a singing workshop for an hour.

It’s great to get into workplaces and sing -it’s something I believe should happen a lot more! I had 10 ladies sign up (most of whom claimed they ‘couldn’t sing’ as soon as they came in the door! – this was not true). It gave them a break for their everyday university duties, allowed them to mix with other members of staff and create a lovely sound!

Some ladies had some musical experience, some had sang recently, some not since school But I find singing together to be a great leveller and the feeling of ‘we are all in this together’ was evident. We got stuff wrong, we got stuff right, we sang and we laughed. Everyone reported to feel in a better mood at the end of the session than at the beginning. And actually, they could all sing.

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