On Saturday we joined forces with local councillors to protest against the closure of our hall. It’s in the early stages of planning to be sold off as a package of land. We don’t know what will happen yet, but we aren’t prepared to go down without a fight, or a song.

When there’s a shared event to sing about, a community choir is a great thing to have at the heart of it. We had around 20 volunteers on the cloudy Saturday morning and many of the councillors and residents of Wet Bridgford joined in with Jackie Shears’ re-written version of a Little Respect, requesting that Rushcliffe Council have ‘a little respect’ for the community.

We made the local press, twice and gained attention from passing vehicles tooting their horns in support! We are a large choir with around 110-120 singers at each rehearsal and there’s simply not another venue in West Bridgford large enough to house us. Losing the hall could potential break up a precious community of singers. When I set up the choir, I understood from previous experience that there’s as much emphasis on the ‘community’ part as there is the actual ‘choir’ part. People create friendships, spend time with people with a shared interest and make a beautiful sound. I wax lyrical about the joys of singing together and the power it brings to individuals and for this to be under threat seems a terrible and short sighted thing.

There’s a face book group ‘Save Lutterell Hall’ for anyone interested in keeping up to date with events.


Pictures: Community protest at council’s plans to consider sale of Lutterell Hall