I have created a Singer’s Journey roadmap for my choirs. From the very start of your singing journey to the confidence and wonder that comes as you progress. Choirs aren’t for anyone at any particular stage – they’re for all of you and depending on your stage, you’ll get different things out of the experience. But the actual collective result will be the same…..fabulous!

Does this look or sound familiar!? I’ve heard the phrase “I’m tone deaf” three times this week at a meeting where I was talking about singing. And three times I showed the naysayers that when we sing together we sound better. Other voices knock out all of the lumps and bumps in our singing so that collectively, we sound much, much stronger.

So, let’s address this picture above with relation to how I approach leading my Liberty Singer choirs.

I’m too shy to sing in front of anyone.

As we start out with a newly formed choir, we go very gently. Bring a friend. Sing quietly. Join in only with the bits you know. Confidence builds for many singers and once you’ve been along to one rehearsal, you may well find it much easier to come to the next one because you’ll know what to expect.

What if people hear me?

Well, that’s the general idea! It’s very, very difficult to pick apart and hear individual voices for me, leading from the front. Yes, I’ll know when something isn’t ‘right’ but I won’t be able to tell exactly where that issue is coming from. I certainly do not single people out if their melodies aren’t what I’m teaching. Remember, we are starting out together and we’ll all get there!

I’m tone deaf.

Really? Do you even know what that means?! There are a percentage of people who can naturally sing. There are LOADS of people who can be taught to sing (simply by being around other people singing the right thing). There are a few people who find it harder to pick things up but it really is a few. If you focus on your voice AND those of the people around you, you’ll soon find that you’re singing the same as everyone else.

I can’t sing!

See above

I haven’t sung since school!

Remember those marvellous days when we belted out songs in assembly without a care in the world!? We will get you back to that feeling. My choirs are named to fully embrace the liberty and freedom that singing can give us. If you’ll let it!

What if I get it wrong?

You will. So will I. We’ll all have a good laugh and then we’ll get it right.

It’s not a test or an audition and there is no pressure. I aspire for all of my choirs to be the very best they can be and I think you’ll be surprised at how good a group of voices can sound how quickly.

Does this stage sound like you!?? Next week, I’ll talk about the next stage….

Photo Credit Ali Johnston Photography