Choir is now established and singers feel very much a part of the team, whether they sing in public or just at rehearsals.

I’m proud of our choir and my part in it.

The realisation that our voices are part of something much bigger! This also leads to us appreciating that our voice matters and is not perhaps as weak as we once thought it was…..

I’m singing in my local pub!

I love a pub gig. No tickets, no pressure, just sheer happy joy and singing together! For our singers, getting out there in public and singing in front of friends and family is a great way to boost confidence and self-esteem.

I feel like we’ve achieved!

And we do! We really do! From the very beginnings of a song, the first night when we sing it to how it sounds when we perform is a complete transformation. And one where singers feel they’ve achieved and feel proud.

I’m going to invite my friends along.

We don’t advertise for many of our choirs…. people come to us usually through a recommendation by a friend. Singers want to share their joy of singing with as many people as possible – they enthuse about their choir and the benefits it’s had to their lives! How lovely.

I am happy with my tribe.

The friendships and connections formed at choir are deep and long lasting.