On Sunday, I had the total pleasure of being part of an 850+ piece choir singing at the Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham. It was a charity afternoon singing music written by, arranged by and conducted by the marvellous John Rutter.

Those of you who know me, know I’m not a choral singer. Nor am I a soprano and yet I rose to the challenge and plonked myself between Christine and Vicky (both seasoned sopranos and well-versed in choral music) and got out my sheet music.

It was amazing. So many voices sounding so beautiful. I was stuck instantly by the quality of the sound that the men bought to the choir. That depth and strength in those low notes – so amazing!!! The works themselves although not my usual repertoire bought  new understanding to me of what choral music can be and I’m planning to incorporate aspects of it to my singing with the West Bridgford Liberty Singers next term…. watch out guys!!!