This could be a VERY short blog if I simply said ‘Yes’! But I’d like to talk to you about how….

I have worked with lots of companies to improve staff wellbeing, to give the workforce a common goal and to improve morale. This is especially important at the moment when workplaces are quite fragmented with people working from home etc.

Something special happens when we sing together – I’ve known this for a long time. What has surprised me over the last couple of years is how well this can translate to online singing, where we can’t actually hear each other at all. It’s the shared goal and the coming together to do something fun without any pressure which makes it work.

I worked online with NHSBT for 6 months. We had 2 sessions a month in the morning for a half hour wellbeing boost then once a month we met on an evening for an hour to dig a little deeper into the songs. I always ask for feedback after projects finished and I asked the question – How did singing together improve your wellbeing?

NHSBT Liberty Singer

NHSBT Liberty SIngers continue to meet online 2 years later, such is the benefit to their organisation.

A pocket of joy. A bright light in the dark times. Singing might not change the world, but it could brighten up the lives of individuals and workplaces everywhere. I have the capacity to create virtual recordings as well as videos. I teach by ear in a fun, no nonsense way which makes singing with me accessible for everyone.

I have flexible packages on offer including online, face to face and hybrid sessions.

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