This week, I’ve been singing in another language. Vicky (one of my staunch Reds) presented me with this challenge. It’s a lovely song called ‘Har du Fyr’ which translates as ‘do you have fire’? and is all about being guided through the light. The arrangement Vicky presented is in three parts so we drafted in Lee (she says she’s a blue, but we all know she can sing just about anything) to take the second soprano part. Great. this means I get to be at the bottom, which is my preferred spot!

So, the challenges are, for me, that I don’t actually usual read sheet music for singing. I can play clarinet and piano but the singing I always do by ear. I can read it, but it’s not natural to me. Also, singing in another language is HARD! Despite the fact that I can speak some Norwegian (I have a Norwegian Dad) lots of the pronunciations are a bit of a mystery. Fortunately, the alto part that I have has lots of oohhhsss and ahhhsss (now those, I can pronounce!)

It’s great to be challenged, to keep on learning and developing as a singer. It’s a lovely song and I’m delighted that it’s been brought to my attention. The project continues…..