Once upon a time, in a far off land, there lived a fairy princess who wanted hear others sing. She gathered all the voices in the land and from other far away villages and brought them together to make beautiful music together.

Over time, the sound became more and more beautiful and many people enjoyed the truly lovely singing! But alas, the sound was lacking a little bit of bass. The fair maidens of the kingdom had confidence in their numbers, but the handsome princes lacked a little sparkle because they were so few.

The fairy princess scratched her head and thought. She realised the handsome princes knew their words and sometimes their harmonies and yet she failed to hear them over the sweet sound of the higher voices. What could she do!?

As quick as a flash, an idea so bright came to her. She would wave her magic wand in the form of a special invitation and lure the princes to an extra rehearsal with the promise of a pint in the pub afterwards!

The princes were keen! They arrived to an extra rehearsal in a far away hair salon in the magical land of Ruddington – between the two choirs where the princes usually sang. Much laughter and happiness shone forth as the men found their voices (quite literally) and said words like ‘oh THAT”S what it’s supposed to sound like!’ At regular intervals. And as time passed, the fairy princess realised her small speaker was no match for their voices and she vowed to bring the bigger one next time, such was their confidence and volume!

And so time passed again and the handsome princes grew in stature and sang their hearts out at full choir practice and the fair maidens of the land were in awe! How fulsome the sound! How lovely the harmonies! And the fairy princess was delighted.

The handsome princes wanted more. The fairy princess hatched a plot to give them their own song and more importantly, their own Facebook group. They voted on a song and rehearsed again in a wonderful historic palace in the sought after hamlet of Bunny where a pub was even closer. The handsome princes sang their hearts out, focused and concentrated, laughed and bonded and soon there was a song good enough to be heard…….

Stay tuned for chapter 2….