Last Friday was a treat to myself. You might call it continuing professional development?! I spent a couple of hours in the studio with Rich singing songs just for the absolute hell of it.

The Ringmaster at Ringstead Studios.

Rich has a knack for picking songs which suit me. I’ve struggled recently with my own voice in terms of not knowing what it is, or what it should sound like. I spend so much time singing choir arrangements, often in a part of my voice I don’t usually use that I’ve kind of forgotten my own sound. The upside is that my range has stretched yet again and I can now sing soprano parts much more easily (I’m not entirely sure this is a good thing though…. I need an outside ear to have a listen to me sometime!) I always sang low female parts, Karen Carpenter being my favourite but Rich is steering me on another (quite lovely) path.

We sang ‘Anger never dies’ by Hooverphonic, ‘Perfect’ by Fairground Attraction and ‘Unintended’ by Muse. Quite a variety. Rich has a multitude of guitars which he switched between depending the song. He has a very quick (and I mean 5 seconds) run through the chords then we are good to go. He also has a collection of gadgets and things which we get to explore.

Who needs a real choir when you can have a pedal!?

This lovely set of pedals has a ‘choir’ option. So, as I’m singing away I can add in my voice multiple times to make it sound like many voices for example on the chorus of a song. Interesting!

My choice of new song this week was ‘Snow in Summer’ – a little known B side from the Cure’s ‘Just Like Heaven’ single released in 1987. I had the 12″ vinyl version and loved the B sides as much as the single. To have the opportunity to recreate this and out my own mark on it was really lovely…. and we aren’t finished with it yet.