On Friday night, five brave Liberty Singers got the chance to show their talents live on Notts TV!

We’d been invited to the show to sing at the start and end of the programme. Having such a massive community choir meant that it wasn’t possible to fit us all into the studio and so I was faced with the task of selecting five singers from across the colours/parts of the choir.

Karen and Sophy are reds – they sing the higher part (soprano). This is often the part that gets heard as it’s easier for our ears to tune in to. For this performance, Karen had to forsake some of the high notes to sing the main tune so that we got the balance right. Maria is a yellow (alto) and carries the main tune. Barbara is a green (lower alto) and often also has the main tune, sometimes some lower harmonies. Again, Barbara had to make some alterations to her part for this performance. Sean is a Blue (Tenor/sometimes bass) and provides the foundation to our singing. I filled in any gaps.

It’s a big deal to be singing in such a small group when we are used to singing with 100+ people every rehearsal. ‘The Famous Five’ as they are affectionately known said they were nervous, but this really didn’t come across. We’d had a couple of rehearsals together beforehand for our two songs “Linger” and “Little Respect” and we got time to run through them in the cafe area and also as part of the soundcheck. Then we sang “Chasing Cars” just for fun…. then “Heaven is a place on Earth”…… I couldn’t stop them once they’d started! The reason for singing alternative songs was to boost confidence. We sound great. even with stuff we hadn’t rehearsed and so it gave them the boost they needed for the ‘real’ stuff.

The usual level of team spirit was all around us. Notts TV were great (as ever) and made us feel very welcome and at home. The Five sang beautifully. They looked relaxed and happy (even if they were slightly horrified at the close-ups when we watched it back). I felt immensely proud of the singers – and oh how we laughed as we watched the whole show back afterwards in the bar with a well-earned drink of two.

Have a look and see what you think!? We sing at the beginning and the end of the show.

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