There may be a few people wanting to download the new single from the ICU Liberty Singers – released TODAY! – who are not particularly familiar with music streaming and downloads. Given that the days of walking into a record shop and buying a 7″ single are long behind us, here’s a quick guide on how to buy online.

For those who just don’t do online music and want an alternative way to give, a crowdfunder has been set up to allow direct donations. All donations and will go to fund, administered by the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine, to support the mental health and wellbeing of critical care staff.

The link to download the single is here: This takes you to a distribution site that gives you a choice of digital download and music streaming platforms.

We recommend that you purchase a digital download copy. Streaming from a subscription service like Spotify, Deezer or Amazon music will count towards the final chart position, but a song needs to be streamed 150 times to equate to a single purchase.

Buying from Amazon

In order to buy a copy of the single, rather than stream, the most straightforward option is to select the first of the two Amazon music options and click on the “shop” button. That will take you to the item listing on Amazon. If you have ever bought anything from Amazon before (and this is 2020, so plenty of us have been!) this should be a familiar process.

Amazon Music purchase screen

Click on the orange button to buy now. If you are not already logged in, you will be asked to log into your Amazon account. Once logged in, this brings up a review purchase dialog box.

Select the “Pay with GBP (or whatever currency you deal in – ICU Liberty Singers have world wide distribution rights!) to confirm your purchase.

You will now see another pop up box, confirming that your purchase has been made (ensuring it counts for the race to Christmas number one) and all profits from your purchase will go to the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine administered fund to support the mental health and wellbeing of critical care staff.

Download options displayed once your purchase is confirmed

You now have the option to play the single via the Amazon music player, or download it to your device.

Buying From iTunes

If you are an iPhone or iPad user and have an Apple ID, then the best way to buy for you is likely to be via the iTunes store. Click the download button next to the iTunes link on the distribution link above.

Next click on the “Buy on the iTunes store link. This should take you to the single entry on the iTunes store. Alternatively, you can get there directly by opening up the iTunes app on your iPhone or iPad and searching for “ICU Liberty Singers”.

Once you have located the song, you should get this pop up screen. Click on the price button to buy.

You will then be shown another dialog box confirming your account and the price. Click the blue button to confirm your purchase.

Your purchase should now be confirmed and the single available to play in your music library.