It always falls at this time of year….. and every year I think I’ll plan it better and I never do! I’ve got 4 gigs with 3 different choirs in the space of a week. But it’s all good!

Gigs are great for getting our singers out into their community to sing to their friends and family and show off their talents. I like having a focus for all of my choirs – something to aim for and a goal to achieve. And the sense of pride they get from their performances is so valuable to them.

The East Leake Liberty Singers are my newest choir with around 62 singers. They had their first gig in May and are now booked to sing at 2 more. After we’d performed they were so delighted with themselves! Here’s what they said….

“It was astonishing – my nerves disappeared and we sang together harmoniously (didn’t we?). I LOVED The Rose which was the one song I was most worried about. Thank you Kari, you’ve made me a very happy woman.
Can’t wait to do it all again.”

“The minute we stepped onto the field my nerves disappeared the whole experience was amazing. You say you were confident in us well myself and I’m sure the rest of the choir were definitely confident in you that’s why we sang our little hearts out !”

The ICU Liberty Singers are the online choir for ICU staff – we meet occasionally to rehearse/gig/socialise and next week we are singing at the State of the Art Conference in Birmingham (and dinner afterwards – of course!) I love it that so many of them come from really far away just to be together – they’re such a tight knit group who really support each other in so many ways. They learn everything online with me, without the support and ease of being able to learn together (we can’t hear each other on zoom) but they really put the hours in and end up sounding really good once all together.

It’s a big night again for the Liberty Belles – the smaller ladies choir who rehearse in my lovely friend’s hair salon in Ruddington (yes, I get my hair done, then rehearse!) Recently, the ladies have take on some more challenging songs – a couple of acapella versions which is a real departure – and they’ve sung beautifully. I’m really looking forward to sharing what they can do with everyone at Portello Lounge in West Bridgford!

There’s never a pressure for singers to join in with performances. Some people never perform at all. But for those that do – they really. really get a buzz from it and for that reason, the ‘silly season’ is absolutely worth it.