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I’m Kari and I run 5 community choirs in Nottingham. I left a career in teaching to pursue this full time and am loving it!

I’m opening up the opportunity for other choir leaders to work with me. I am offering a bespoke service to enhance your choir as a business that works for you.

How will it work?

We can work together remotely. I’m intending a zoom call each week for an hour. We may agree on tasks for you to complete or work on outside of this time for you to get the most out of our sessions. We can work together for as long as you think you’ll benefit. Your investment is £250 for 4 sessions payable in advance.

What can I help with?

Social media strategies





Financial Planning

Creating upselling opportunities


Managing day-to-day running of choir(s)

How to get the best from your website

What can’t I help with?

The magic formula to get more men in your choir (if I knew that, I’d be rich and then I’d retire)

Technical choir singing things

I could tell you all about my choirs and how they run, how big they are and how much I earn from them, but I’m more interested in your choirs, where they are now, where you’d like them to be and how we can help you to get to that point and beyond.

Here’s a couple of testimonials from a previous clients…

“Kari has been a fabulous mentor over the past few weeks. She is a great listener; she really helped me to pinpoint the problems that needed solving and grow in confidence. A great support, whilst also making the sessions great fun! Thanks Kari!”

Kari’s coaching was wonderful. As a complete novice starting a choir, I felt overwhelmed. But Kari, with her years of experience and infectious enthusiasm, completely turned things around for me.

Her sessions were a perfect balance of supportive and encouraging coaching with the right amount of pushing me to grow of my comfort zone. She kindly challenged me at just the right pace, guiding me from initial panic to the pure joy of hearing my singers harmonise a piece I created (including a few tears!). It has been an unforgettable journey that I will forever be grateful for!

If you’re looking to start your own choir or you need some choir guidance, I highly recommend Kari.”


You can email me to book a free discovery call to see if we are a good fit to work together here.