It was a raucous start back for The West Bridgford Liberty Singers this week. Our best ever turn out (142 people, with 39 of them new members) and lots of smiling faces.

I thought we’d start with a warm up, but my delightful (devious) choir had other ideas. They had re-written a song we always got wrong and so “Don’t get me wrong” became “We’ll get this wrong” courtesy of our in-house writing genius, Jackie Shears. They sang it perfectly (wrong, of course) with much laughter and added in amusement (I especially loved the long 32 bar break where people got out books, the paper, some knitting just to pass the time). It’s a really lovely thing to do and everyone was on board and made me feel very special. Huge thanks to the organisers Karen Richardson, Christine Watson and Janet Merryweather.

It takes me back a few birthdays ago when the Churchfields Community Choir had rehearsed in secret to sing “Friday I’m in Love” by the Cure to me. As a fairly nosey person, I’m always amazed when secrets get kept from me and again, the thought and effort that went into this made it one of my most memorable birthday presents!

I wondered what our new members on Monday must’ve thought as we started out this way. Is it always like this? Do we always laugh so much? Is this feeling of joy something that happen every time we meet.

Yes. It most certainly is.

Thank you all x