It’s been a while since I’ve had the capacity to write a blog – moving the choir(s) online sapped much of my energy and time. Even thinking about doing things differently was tricky. I’m here now ready for action and keen to talk to you about my most recent project.

I’ve worked with NHS Digital before with my Christmas singing project last December and so I approached them to work with me on a recording project. Helen Walstow was my contact and got everyone organised and kept them in check for some rehearsals in between my sessions. We chose a song and then rehearsed it in 2 part harmony via zoom. I created audio parts and you tube videos of me conducting the parts so that they would stay in time.

NHS Digital Choir June 2020

Singing ‘together’ isn’t possible on Zoom – I have to use the mute all button as everyone is wildly out of sync with me, themselves and each other – the vocal effect is ear splitting! But I can see them and chat to them in-between teaching bits and it worked really well. Then for the tricky bit! Singers had to watch me on one device in their own time, listening with one headphone and then record their acapella voices into a separate device to send to me so that I could mix them together.

I mixed the 20 voices together using Ableton live to create ‘Viva La Vida’ in 2 part harmony. I was delighted at how many people embraced the project, sang with me and also dared to record themselves – many of them recorded both parts! The result was amazing and I’m delighted with it – as are they!

It’s a great way of bringing people together whilst they are apart. It’s an inclusive activity and of course, everyone can sing their heads off and nobody else can hear them! Everyone felt uplifted and happy by the end of our half hour sessions and felt motivated to rehearse more together.

And here is the finished audio!

Viva la Vida – NHSD Choir Lockdown Mix June 2020

“Kari has been amazing she’s done quite a few sessions with NHS Digital it’s helped so many members of staff feel so much more happier and give them something to look forward to. I would definitely recommend Kari her services and help have been invaluable. We will definitely be using her again. Thank you from the whole of NHS” Helen Walstow

If you think your organisation would benefit from singing together whilst apart, please get in touch. The more singing magic I can spread, the better!