The year has started well! Well, actually, Richard and I started this project at the back end of last year…..

Richard has an impressive variety of sound and recording equipment and asked me to sing some songs with him, originally to his guitar playing. It was a real treat to get to sing some songs just for myself, to just concentrate on one part and to be able to find my own ‘voice’. Whilst I sing for a living, actually performing myself is rare. Richard suggested some songs, I suggested some others. But one caught both of our ears and that was ‘Stars’ by Dubstar released in 1995. I love the description of this 90’s band as ‘dream pop’ and ‘alternative dance’. I spent many hours sing along to the ‘Disgraceful’ album with a hairbrush.

Richard pulled the track to bits and recreated the whole thing with drum machines synthesisers, bass and other little gadgets that I’d never seen before. It sounded brilliant and when it was ready, I went to record my part……

There’s hardly any room for harmony in this track. Anyone who knows me knows I love a harmony but there just wasn’t any even to be invented. The chord structure was such that it didn’t lend itself to it. I did create a new part on the long held note at the end of the chorus section and we added in backing vocals which sang a totally different part, as true to the original.

I really enjoyed the process! Project Dubstar was left in Richard’s capable hands to create a mix he was happy with. What do you think!?