Photo Credit Ursula Kelly Photography & VideoThis week I started piano lessons!

Once upon a time, in a dim and distant life, I took and passed Grade 4 piano (by the skin of my teeth I might add). This was 25 years ago. The more I sing, the more I need to arrange and I quite like playing along as I sing. But I am cheating…… I’m reading the guitar chords and simply making it up as I go along.

I’ve known Sandra for a year from my pilates class and one evening as we were ‘foam rolling’ our legs and painfully rolling our eyes, I had an epiphany. “Sandra, do you teach adults piano?” “Yes I do” “Would you teach me?” “Yes I will”. And we were off!!!!

For me, playing in front of someone who knows what they’re doing was a bit daunting. She spotted all of my terrible mistakes and patiently listened to me sight read a piece. I understand lots about music (I have grade 8 clarinet and grade 8 music theory as well as A levels in Theoretical and Practical music!!) and I could remember things like how scales work and which were the relative minor scales. I knew how to read time signatures, key signatures and the notes – although I still have to chant “all cows eat grass” to demystify the bass clef.  I got homework to do, scales to learn and a piece to play. Sandra said I did well! I felt amazing.

This kept me smiling all evening! The sense of achieving something! I came home and had 7 minutes until I did the school run…. and I played my new piano piece. Three times! I was so pleased with myself!!!

So it’s never too late to start something new, to learn a new skill or to brush up on an old one. To put yourself slightly outside the comfort zone, to feel that bit daunted and then to feel the rewards of achieving. Amazing. Thank you Sandra and see you next week!