This is the same workshop that ran in January.

Come and investigate how to improve your breathing for your singing using imagery and gesture techniques. I will show you how to use these techniques and then we’ll use them with some singing examples.

Who is this workshop for? If you’re struggling with holding long notes or even getting enough breath to give the notes the quality you’d like them to have – the could help. We’ve also looked at how better breathing can improve those songs where there are many words and not much opportunity to take good breaths and how focusing on the breathing can allow the tricky lyrics to flow better.

The course is capped at 12 singers and will run at Beehive Hair Design in Ruddington 7.30-9pm

Here are some of the thoughts of singers from the last workshop.

I thought it was just right – relaxed, friendly, practical tips and lots of opportunity to practice the techniques introduced. Thanks Kari x

It was a very happy small group. We were all in it together, working together. It also gave the opportunity to meet and talk to new people. It was very, very enjoyable

Using the visualising techniques made me realise there were some bad habits I had adopted during singing – I was surprised how quickly my singing improved!

Amazed what a difference it made, just practicing the techniques before singing some choir songs. Lovely to meet and chat to other members of choir.

I’ve already felt the benefit of the techniques in the singing we did after the teaching. Just goes to show how it is your mind, body and soul that go into singing and by working on one area, everything else improves. Such a useful and practical workshop, thanks Kari! 🙂

As always the teaching methods and techniques used to help those in the workshop adapt their breathing to those taught is amazing. Kari always has the ability to make the group relaxed and able to learn something new to benefit their singing experience.