Are you ready? Are you ready? Are you ready? Are you ready!!???

Thursday 26th October 2023 7.30-9.30pm at the Pavilion Costock Road, East Leake.

Come and learn this marvellous song in 5 part acapella! The structure is such that there’s melody lines and accompaniment oohhsss but I’ll be dividing these up so that you’re not stuck on one note for the whole night. We’ll keep it interesting for everyone.

We’ll be working in our internal rhythm – something essential for acapella singing – then working in small groups as well as a whole collective to bring this song to life. I’ll take you through it as usual with laughter, a little bit of technique and some work on dynamics. By the end of the evening we’ll have a fully finished song to film/record and put on you tube.

It’s a lovely opportunity to work in a smaller group (I’ll cap this one at 25 singers please) and really dig deep into something a bit different.

Here’s what people have said about previous workshops…..

Really enjoyable workshop – lovely to spend extended time on just one song. Like the bits of vocal training included too. Looking forward to the next one. The only thing I would say is having a bit more time to practice harmonies just to get them more solid in my head before coming back together at the end.

The best word I can use was “ joyous “. It was good to mix it up a bit within a warm, supportive group of friends and people also just wanting to have a good night out and make a lovely sound!

Really lovely to get together in a smaller group for a workshop where we get to hear the progress we’ve made in an evening. Also had a chance to speak to people I haven’t caught up with for a while or don’t usually get to know. Great song choice too and the techniques I find really helpful x

Bloody loved it!!!! Brilliantly taught, lovely atmosphere.THANK YOU!!!

It was super. I enjoyed being a smug yellow for a change.

“Kari’s workshops are one of the most enjoyable and uplifting ways of spending an evening, offering the opportunity to increase your confidence in singing, meet new people, and spend time really nailing great songs. The fact that I keep going back to do more is testament to how much you can get from them.”  Zoe 

The achievement you get from learning a song in one night is such a great feeling! Also I love the opportunity of meeting new people and undertaking a different part to what I normally sing. Jade 

“I have been to three of Kari’s workshops and just signed up for my fourth as they are great fun. There is a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and learning harmonies for a song in one night is really satisfying! “  Anna

Kari’s workshops are always great fun, challenging us to maybe take on new harmonies instead of the main tune, and producing something truly wonderful at the end of the evening. Margaret

Under the guidance of an inspiring and dynamic leader an incredible song was perfected in a single evening, resulting in an exceptional sound. Maria