You’re invited to come along to our new venture at Portello Lounge in West Bridgford!

We’ll be learning around 3/4 songs together with some simple but effective harmonies. It’s much like the pop up choirs I used to run in 2019….but the very best bit is that we’ll be accompanied by Rich who has an extensive guitar collection to go with all the additional drum effects and loveliness and can play… just about anything!

We’ll choose the songs beforehand and have lyrics available via QR code for you on the night. The songs aim to be well known enough for you to pick them up early and NOT songs sung at any of the Liberty Singers choirs.

We’ll be singing at the front of the bar area so we’ve plenty of space. Yes, the rest of the pub may well be able to hear us too! The bar will be open (of course) and as we are starting at 8pm, there’s even scope to grab something to eat beforehand if you’d like to make a night of it. Harmonies will be taught by ear as ever and will be accessible to everyone. You don’t need any experience nor do you need to read sheet music as we don’t use it to teach.

This is a lovely opportunity to sing with a proper live backing. It’s perfect if you like singing but can’t or don’t want to commit to a choir. The aim is for it to be a friendly, happy experience for us all. Fancy it?