This lovely song was originally created by The Lover Speaks and covered by Annie Lennox on her Medussa Album.

You can have a look HERE.

Our arrangement will sound a little bit like this…..

This is a guide version – it’s not my attempt at a performance. I leave that up to you!

Where? Bunny Village Hall, Bunny, Nottingham NG11 6QS. There is plenty of street parking around the venue – the more car sharing we can promote the better though!

When? Tuesday 12th March 7.30-9.30pm

We will be learning the harmony parts together in our usual workshop style – working in small groups and putting bits and pieces together throughout the evening. I’ll be arranging the song in an attempt to give everyone a bit of the tune (nobody wants to sing ‘do be do be dododo, ahhh’ all night!) By the end of the evening, we aim to have a fully finished song which we will record and host on You Tube. We’ve done this before and it’s a lovely record of what we’ve achieved! These workshops are a good chance to try out another voice part or stretch yourself, or simply to enjoy the song together. They are also brilliant for anyone who likes singing in groups but can’t for whatever reason, commit to a regular choir. I absolutely love these workshops. So do our singers…..xx


Bloody loved it!!!! Brilliantly taught, lovely atmosphere.THANK YOU!!!

It was super. I enjoyed being a smug yellow for a change.

“Kari’s workshops are one of the most enjoyable and uplifting ways of spending an evening, offering the opportunity to increase your confidence in singing, meet new people, and spend time really nailing great songs. The fact that I keep going back to do more is testament to how much you can get from them.”  Zoe 

The achievement you get from learning a song in one night is such a great feeling! Also I love the opportunity of meeting new people and undertaking a different part to what I normally sing. Jade 

“I have been to three of Kari’s workshops and just signed up for my fourth as they are great fun. There is a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and learning harmonies for a song in one night is really satisfying! “  Anna

Kari’s workshops are always great fun, challenging us to maybe take on new harmonies instead of the main tune, and producing something truly wonderful at the end of the evening. Margaret