This 2 hour workshop (7.30-9.30pm with a short break) aims to help you improve your pitch and tone. We’ll be working using visual techniques to help us reach more notes with less stress on the voice and to improve the quality of that sound. It’s a great way to build confidence and understand how to get the best out of your singing.

The group is capped at 12 and we will work through techniques and then find places to apply them in our current choir repertoire – so bring your folders! We’ll work together as well as in pairs or small groups. Upon completion of the course, I will make the you tube videos available to singers for future reference.

This course uses techniques I’ve taught before on Vocal Coaching Programmes.


Here’s what some of the singers have said about previous Vocal Coaching courses…


This was a highly enjoyable workshop and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is keen to improve their singing voice, and get to know other members of the choir in a smaller group setting. It also demonstrated that a small group can sound pretty good!

Pitch and tone was a great workshop, I am a visual learner and I found the images very helpful in explaining the techniques. Being in a smaller group also allowed me to get to know some of the choir members better. At the beginning of the session I was nervous to be in the smaller group but by the end I felt I developed more confidence in my own singing and how I sound as a part of the group. Our 13 piece version of The Rose at the end was beautiful and gave me chills.

I really enjoyed the workshop tonight. Some great tips for the next sessions and it was also really nice to get to know some of the other choir members a bit better 🙂

It was a very useful workshop and a wonderful learning experience in small groups. Look forward to the next work shop.

Great workshop,definately a 5 out of 5! Putting theory to the test,impromptu selection of songs,what’s not to like. Great evening,great people and Kari bringing it all together,loved it all!

Loved that the workshop had a social feel about it – great to get to know singers from different sections