Singing Packages

Christmas Singing

Create a festive feeling of goodwill with 2 rehearsals and a recording of your favourite Christmas songs – all available virtually.

Online Singing Workshops

Bringing people together from across your organisation to sing is a great way to break down barriers and create new relationships. Workshops are designed to include everyone no matter what their singing ability might be. There’s an option to create a virtual recording too.

Regular Virtual Workplace Choir

Meeting regularly maintains healthy working relationships. We can work together towards performances through virtual recordings which can be shared across your network.


Conferences and Events

Ice-breaker singing sessions can be a great way to get everyone energised and engaged. Working to sing together allows the opportunity for us to listen to each other as well as to sing,

Helping You Create and maintain harmony in the workplace through group singing.


Looking to Create Change in Your Workplace, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?


Your staff morale is low and productivity impacted.


Staff recruitment and retention are tricky subjects.

Relationships are poor as staff are working from home. 

You’ve offered some quick fix workshops to boost well-being but the effects simply haven’t lasted.


You know you’re looking for something sustainable which can be achieved safely within the constraints of social distancing.



Do you dare to try something different and make a radical change?


Why Workplace Singing?

You want:

  • Happy staff who enjoy coming to work every day.
  • Employees who are happy to talk to each other and create and maintain good working relationships.
  • Long term increased productivity

You'd like:

  • To try something new, something accessible to everyone which groups of varying sizes can take part in.
  • To break down the barriers in the heriarchy of your workplace.
  • For staff to have fun and feel that they’re allowed the time to do so.
  • To change the culture around wellbeing and for it to be valued and appreciated.

“I can honestly say that introducing a singing group at Hillarys has had a really positive impact on engagement.  Whilst we may not have solid measurement for  this you can clearly see and feel the energy this has generated.” This has also improved cross functional relationships and there is a better understanding and appreciation of what other people do in the business.”

Julie Rutherford - Group HR Hillarys

The Virtual Christmas Project

The positive effects of singing are amplified massively when we sing in a group. Starting the day with a song has the power to bring people together and create a happy atmosphere which can last the whole day through. 


More Details

This project offers 2 online sessions of up to an hour at a time to suit your staff.  (Recordings can be created so that singers have the chance to catch up later) I start each session with a vocal  and movement warm up. I provide the lyrics and backing tracks to a selection of songs (I have a ‘spell book’ of Christmas songs which I know work and am happy to work with you to make song selections if you’d like to). I start songs with the original artist singing until we have gained some confidence. I then take apart the song and add in harmony, dynamics and expression. Eventually, we are able to lose the original vocal and create all of the singing ourselves. The sense of achievement is evident in the sound we create and there are options to share this through  recording. These recordings can then be shared across your organisation or even by local radio.


I offer bespoke online workshops as part of your wellbeing initiative. Workshops are an hour long and run on a platform of your choice (zoom, Teams or Facebook). I work with the voices we have and teach in a no nonsense, practical, fun way. 

from £400

More Details

I start each session with a vocal  and movement warm up. I provide the lyrics and backing tracks to a selection of songs (I have a ‘spell book’ of songs which I know work and am happy to work with you to make song selections if you’d like to). I start songs with the original artist singing until we have gained some confidence. I then take apart the song and add in harmony, dynamics and expression. Eventually, we are able to lose the original vocal and create all of the singing ourselves. I aim to start and finish the songs within the session to give singers the feeling of achievement they deserve. There is an additional option to create a virtual recording.

Regular virtual singing meet ups

Meeting up regularly maintains the sense of harmony in the workplace and sustains the good feelings. These can be sessions during your working day or at lunchtime or potentially in the evening depending on availability.

from £300

More Details

Working online using the platform of your choice, I can bring people together whilst they are apart. Having a goal to aim for works really well and the obvious choice right now is to create virtual recordings. There is an option to create videos for the REALLY brave!  I can accommodate as many singers as your online platform has got room for.

Meet ups often work best fortnightly as this allows singers to progress without feeling overloaded. I can accommodate monthly meet ups and would adjust the expectations and teaching style accordingly.

Getting started…

Schedule a Free 1:1

Help me to understand why you’re looking for singing as a wellbeing activity and what you hope to get out of it. I will talk you through my packages so that we can find the best fit for us to work together. I can talk you through how I structure sessions and the benefits you can expect to see. I can talk to you on the phone or arrange a zoom call.


Book a taster session

I can offer a short online taster workshop whch you can use to gauge interest for your staff. These can be built into your package if you take on further singing with me.

“I never thought I could be in a choir but Kari coming to Hillarys changed that. We formed Hillarys Liberty Singers and oh my gosh…..what fun we had. Kari a such a happy, positive teacher, she’s addictive and she pulled all 25+ of us into shape in 3 sessions. 

It was so uplifting and so much fun we all want to do it again.

Thank you Kari X”

Sharon Whitehall

Could Online Singing work for your organisation?

 With many staff members working from home, it’s more important than ever to connect people and maintain workplace communities. Staff wellbeing and mental health is even more important than before and singing can help. Over the past few months, I’ve perfected my online singing package so that’s it’s appropriate for the change in circumstances we find ourselves in at the moment.

Online sessions can take place via Zoom, Teams or Facebook enabling participants to see each other and interact. During the actual ‘singing’ part, it’s simply not possible to hear each other due to latency IT issues and so this is the point I opt to ‘mute all’. This has it’s advantages! People singing in the comfort of their own environment have the confidence to try new things and develop their singing. I always start with some vocal warm ups and a little bit of singing technique. Harmonies are taught by ear and can be provided as an extra resource if required. I develop the layers of sound through the session and am able to repeat parts and answer questions as we go along. There is no need to have sung before or have been part of a choir. My teaching style is inclusive and easy to follow and most importantly, it’s fun.

The positive effects of singing are well documented and these feelings are not diluted when we sing online connection of singing the same thing at the same time remains, even for inexperienced singers.

There’s also an option to create recording projects. By carefully recording at home into a phone or simple recording device, audio files can be emailed to me and put together as a whole song in my home studio. This can create a sense of purpose to the ‘choir’ and allow them scope to develop as singers.

 I offer one-off sessions as well as regular virtual meet ups. Sessions can be timed to suit employees and there’s the option to record them so that singers can access them at different times. If you’d like to talk to me about how singing could positively impact the wellbeing of your staff, please get in touch.

“Although we’re not together in body, in spirit we are 100% there.”

“I felt the same listening to [our recording] as I do hearing us sing at a performance.”


Online Liberty Singers (Community Choir)

How Do I know If Singing is Right For My Workplace?

Online groups can be as large as there is capacity for.


Are your staff willing to give new things a go?

Many people claim they ‘can’t sing’ but I have a very dim view of this! If you can speak, you can sing. When we put voices together something magical happens and we all sound so much stronger!

Have you a limited amount of time to spend on wellbeing activities?

I offer a huge amount of flexibility around my singing packages. I’m able to work around working hours and across potential shift patterns.

Do you have a limited wellbeing budget?

Starting a singing group which has the potential to be taken up by a large number of people makes the invetsment per person inexpensive. Prices start from £300 per hour long session.

“That is truly astonishing! What a fab way to raise money for a great cause! Thank you so much for setting it up. All the clichés were true: it lifted spirits, brought people together, and it didn’t matter if you weren’t a confident singer. I really enjoyed it and would definitely do it again.

Many thanks”

Beth Mindel-Holmes NHS Digital

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