Just occasionally, I take the time to sing for myself. Here I am with my lovely friend Karen who I met through the West Bridgford Liberty Singers about a year ago. She sings higher than me so we are a good team! There’s Rich (no idea what he’s laughing at – could be my singing?!) and Callum (his drummer from his other band).

We met up for some singing last Friday. Just to see how we sounded, how it worked and what we liked to sing. It was lovely. Great people to work with and we picked some lovely tracks (although, I randomly had NEVER heard ‘The Chain’ by Fleetwood Mac – oh the shame of it!)

My choices were Teardrop by Massive Attack and Unintended by Muse. Both quite high and gentle which is a departure for me (I usually sing down in the gutter and love love love the Carpenters).

So, if you had the chance to sing something in a setting like this, with friends, instruments and some backing, what would YOU sing?