Following the success of the Christmas singing project, The HR team at Hillarys have committed to regular singing meet ups for their staff! Meeting fortnightly on a Friday afternoon, it gives the staff the opportunity to meet up and connect whilst creating some lovely singing.

Previously, many of the members of staff had not known each other coming from 14 different departments. The Christmas project brought people together and gave them the shared goal of signing and performing in public. Many singers reported feeling uplifted after rehearsals, feeling less stressed and more connected to each other. Singers reported not having felt this uplifted for years!

How do you feel after singing!?

Group Head of HR Julie Rutherford claims there’s a ‘feeling’ about the place since singing has started – a feeling of engagement, of improved communication between employees and a good sense of team work. All of these things create a happier working environment, essential to good business practice.

It was lovely to see some familiar faces last Friday as well as a few new ones (word has spread about the good feeling, perhaps through TV appearances, through social media and by good old fashioned word of mouth). We are singing a set of 6 pop songs from a across the decade with a view to sharing them in public in the future. Watch out Britain’s Got Talent??!!

If workplace wellbeing is important to you and your organisation and you’d like to see if a project like this could work for you, do please get in touch.