The Liberty Chorus are my smaller choir of around 20 ladies as either SSA arrangement for SAA. (for those of you who don’t know, this is soprano soprano alto, or soprano alto alto no tenor parts for these lovely ladies!)

Performing last July at Portello Lounge in West Bridgford

We usually meet at our local Methodist church and hire a fair sized room there – but this month they were unable to accommodate us. Abi has her own hair salon locally and invited us to sing there instead! (The singers were delighted as this meant we could fit in a small glass of fizz on arrival – great for the vocal chords!)

Our meet ups are monthly and we try to get through 2 songs in 2 hours often in three part harmony. This month Victoria’s choice was ‘Stronger (what doesn’t kill you)’ by Kelly Clarkson and mine was ‘My love, My life’ by ABBA. One slow, one fast, one old and one new – a great combination.

Singing in a group is as much about listening as it is about singing. It’s really important to be able to appreciate what the other parts are doing even if you’re supposed to be singing something different yourself. We have to work on tuning and diction as well as emotion and intention. Most of these ladies have been singing with me now for a couple of years and so there are various short cuts we are able to make – for example, sometimes I only have to sing a line once for the girls to get it but I always record the separate parts so they can have a listen beforehand and afterwards, especially if we want to perform a song.

It’s also a great opportunity for the girls to change parts, sing something different, extend themselves in a fully supported environment. Nobody does (or should) sing a part they can’t manage in terms of their range but they are encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and try something different – which they do.

Again, this group has developed into something more than a choir. More than a group of people who all happen to be singing the same song at the same time. There’s a shared sense of achievement and a common goal which knits us all together. And that is the power of singing in a group at its very best.

We will be performing 2 songs at Portello Lounge on Monday 18th November at 8pm x