93BA379C-DC1F-4852-A5B4-59999FBACFB5I’ve had a really interesting week and this song has caught my ears. It’s “Paradise” by George Ezra.

On Monday I went to DeFerrers 6th form college in Burton on Trent to work with the students preparing for exams. As part of their wellbeing week, they had the opportunity to join in with some activities to de-stress (yoga – stretch it out, exercise – sweat it out and of course, group singing – sing it out). With 87 students signed up, I got the chance to get them to really sing together and enjoy it! They’d chosen some songs prior to my arrival and we had lyrics on their iPads ready to go. “Paradise” was one of these songs.

I wasn’t that familiar with it but there was a 45 minute car journey to play it on repeat….. which I did. My mind is in overdrive now thinking of how I can arrange it for my Liberty Singers…. I love the energy of the song! George Ezra describes this song as a perfect love song – the way you feel when you all in love and everything is a bit chaotic but all in a good way. Released in January 2018 is poignant to me because that’s when I launched the West Bridgford Liberty Singers…… guys, you know it’s going your way!

Back to the students…..A quick warm up and then into some singing. We even managed to get some harmonising and part singing in! My favourite part was at the end when singing ‘Chasing Cars’ I kept turning to volume down until they were singing purely on their own. It was a truly lovely moment and a real testament to what they had achieved in that short space of time. The feedback from the event was lovely! Hannah Roberts who organised it sent me a lovely quote from a student “I didn’t want to enjoy it, but I did. It put me in such a good mood for the rest of the day” – I’m delighted with this!!!! Thanks so much for having me!

So, my question to you lovely lot is – if you had a reasonably long car journey, what song would you put on repeat and why!????