This week I had an opportunity to revisit the classic song “I will survive” (Gloria Gaynor 1975) in an unexpected way!

Minding my own business in the Co-op in West Bridgford I heard it come on the sound system. I then heard a member of staff starting to sing along. She kept singing (very well I might add) so I followed her and waited for my moment….. “And so you’re back…” and I popped out from the aisle I was in to join her. Ooooohhhh we sang, we danced and had a lovely old time! What song would have you dancing in the aisles in a supermarket!? Have you ever done such a thing!? It made my day!

I firmly believe a bit of singing  can be just what you need to make an otherwise grey day, a little bit more sparkly. It certainly cheered me upand I hope it did her too (I’ve told her all about the Liberty Singers – let’s see if she’s true to her word and joins us in January!) The West Bridgford Liberty Singers have been spreading a bit of sparkle this week too, starting with a visit to the residents at the Adbolton Hall Care Home in Lady Bay. We sang some our Christmas classics and were delighted when some of the residents not only joined in with the singing, but also the dancing! On Monday night, we had a cracking last rehearsal of the year (has it really been a year already!?) and are now preparing for three gigs in three days.

Today, we perform at the Broadmarsh Shopping Centre – then tomorrow at the Victoria Shopping Centre. These are for us to raise somemoney for our chosen charities as well as providing the music needed sparkle for shoppers who by now, might well be on their knees! Our final gig of the year is our big one – The Test Match pub in West Bridgford where we will be singing 6 of our classic Liberty songs before we go into the Christmas singing. I’ve even said we can use lyrics for one of the songs as we ask the pub to join in kari-oke style (like what I did there!?)

After that, there are a few little bits for me to do before the well earned break at Liberty Singer Towers……until next year.