I’ve had this one stuck on my head all week since I went to sing at Richard Owen Williams‘ house last Friday!! It’s ‘Other side of the world’ by KT Tunstall.

I’m not hugely familiar with her work and Rich chose this song for us to work on together. It’s not often I get to sing ‘properly’ just for myself as opposed to learning stuff to be teaching to other people. It also does me no end of good to have people suggest stuff to me as opposed to me narrowly listening to the same bands! Rich played guitar and I got to sing. It’s very odd trying to sing something you’ve never heard before (I occasionally see what my choir mean when they look at me with those wide eyes as I try to make them start something they’ve never even heard!) I loved it. We had such a nice afternoon just singing/playing.

The song is the opening track to KT Tunsall’s debut album ‘Eye to the telescope’ and was released as the second single in May 2005. It’s about a long distance relationship and how they rarely ever work out.

I love the gentle nature of the song – it’s very melodic and moves delicately over the chord structure. It makes me use my voice differently to the way in which I usually use it – a softer, gentler approach is needed here.

Have a listen, see what you think. Or, if you’re already familiar with it, tell me why you like it. Who would you be singing the song to!?