Although I’ve always loved to sing and dance, I’ve never thought I was good enough to do anything with it, other than dancing and singing around my living room on a Friday night, but I knew it made me feel good and that was the main thing. My energy levels need preserving at the best of times and so I had to accept that I couldn’t continue with dancing for the most part but then it occurred to me that maybe I could do some singing.

The idea scared the life out of me as I thought you could only join a group if you were good at singing, and I’ve never been told I was so assumed not, but I also knew that with my businesses, I needed to put myself out of my comfort zone. I coupled both things together and realised that by singing, I would in turn, increase my confidence to speak in front of people, plus it would be a guaranteed way to cheer myself up!

After attending just 1 Pop Up Singing sessions with Kari, I could already feel my confidence growing, so much so that I recklessly decided to apply for a part in the community choir at Nottingham Playhouse in Coram Boy. Fast forward a few months and I was recalled and much to my surprise, was offered a part! So now, I’m scared… but also really excited and proud of myself for trying something new! Something that I certainly wouldn’t have done had it not been for the Pop Up group. Thank you Kari- I think! x

Claire Clements – Pop Up Liberty Singer