I invited Kari to deliver a ‘Sing it Out’ session as part of our Sixth Form ‘Wellbeing Week’ – this was an entirely voluntary session offered to all Sixth Form students during their lunch hour. I was confident that if I could just get the students in a room with the wonderfully bonkers Kari they would not only love the experience but they would feel all the benefits that group singing brings! However, I would be lying if I was to tell you that getting them to sign up was an easy job! I faced much reluctance/apprehension/self-consciousness/stubbornness, and if you were to believe what they told me I had a whole Sixth Form of students who ‘couldn’t sing’.

However, through various means I managed to get 80 students into the lecture theatre and whilst I stood watching, fearing the next hour could be the most painful hour of my life, Kari started to work her magic…..! She quickly put the students at ease and managed to get some noise out of them! Gradually, all inhibitions were forgotten and confidence and enjoyment started to grow; as we sang our way through a set of seven uplifting songs we had air guitars, water bottle microphones and a whole lot of bopping going on!

The feedback from the students was incredible from: ‘I left the room absolutely buzzing’ to the classic teenager comment: ‘I really enjoyed it which really annoyed me because I didn’t want to’! One of the teachers from the afternoon lessons commented on how the students came to her lesson ‘on top of the world’; they were feeling so positive and upbeat from the singing this confidence was transferred to her Biology lesson! Job done!

Hannah Roberts – Vice Principal KS5