ICU Liberty Singers March 2022

As an online choir, we don’t get together very often – so when we do we really make the most of it! With people travelling from as far as Brighton, Leeds, Wales and Scotland we needed to make the occasion extra special.

When Alison approached Pizza Express Live to see if we could (pretty please) use their downstairs venue – they said yes straight away. They also covered our lunch bill, the drinks bill and threw in a sound engineer for good measure. We were incredibly well looked after!

Some of us already know each other, some have only ever met online. We welcomed new singers who’d only joined recently as well as singers who were unable to attend the last meet up. Sadly, we had a few people unable to join us on the actual day.

As ever, the community we’ve created and the friendships we’ve made were the most important thing. Of course we did some singing! Of course we sounded lovely! We worked on some of the little things which are difficult to navigate online (the overall sound and blending together was really important) but really the singing was secondary to the day.

The Horny Backed Toad again….
No, I don’t know what they’re laughing about either!

We did have some sensible to work to do as we have actual real life gigs coming up in June at a couple of conferences. But largely, everyone just wanted to laugh and sing and eat together and enjoy being the lovely group that we are.

Thank you to each and every one of you and of course, to Ross at Pizza Express who sorted it all out for us!