During lockdown, I decided to return to my teaching roots and taught online music lessons for primary school children every weekday for nine weeks. 

It was soooo much fun! Lots of children joined in and we learned loads about music and sang plenty of songs. 

This summer I ran a week long summer school as a follow up to this.

We learned three different songs and I was able to record one of them virtually with the children. This meant, after we’d learned it, they practiced at home, then watched a video of me conducting it to the vocals provided by Ava (one of my former students), whilst recording their own voices into phones with the help of their parents. The 11 children were aged between 4-12 and many of them had never met each other face to face!

The song was ‘Touch the Sky’ from the movie ‘Brave’. It’s a really strong song about being different and having courage – a great song for a time like this. The children voted on a poll to sing this one and it was a firm favourite.

I’m amazed and delighted at what they’ve been able to achieve through this project xxx

Touch the Sky – Little Liberty Singers Lockdown Mix

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