Not the song (although it is one of my total favourites!) but this week, I’m writing about my community choir – The West Bridgford Liberty Singers.

Finally, after 26 months, we were back in the room as one, happy, massive choir!

I’ve been dying to see everyone and to HEAR them all! We’ve been rehearsing in person since September but only in two halves. Usually between 30-50 voices at a time. On Monday we had 117 which is much more like the sound we are used to. And it was EPIC!

We hired a photographer for the evening (the fabulous Ali Johnston who has photographed us as a choir before and my professional photos) to capture the evening. So many fab pictures, I thought I’d share a few….

The happiness sounded in the singing. The strength of being back together could be heard in the voices and seen in the eyes of everyone. New singers reported a sense of overriding FUN for the session and the messages about how brilliant our night had been filled our Facebook group and my inbox.

We had waited a VERY long time for this moment and I appreciate everyone’s patience and loyalty. How totally lovely. xx