Technically, musically harmony is “The combination of simultaneously sounded musical notes to produce a pleasing effect.” I love harmony – I mean, don’t we all!?

I hear harmony everywhere – in songs where it really exists, in songs where it doesn’t – but it does in my little head. I often sing along to the radio in harmony rather than singing the tune. Occupational hazard I suspect.

But what happens to us when things aren’t harmonious? When things aren’t smooth running and feel slightly off key? The world has been in a state of disharmony for the last few years… we know this… we’ve felt this. Workplaces have fractured and changed as people have worked from home, or come back into the workplace either full time or part time. The landscape is different. It’s not necessarily in harmony is it?

When people have a shared goal, something specific and clear, they can achieve more. What if people had a shared goal to work towards? Something fun? Inclusive and easy to access?

Singing has such benefits to our wellbeing, but there’s something very special about singing together! Something changes…. the connections between people strengthen and bonds are formed. There will ALWAYS be a little bit of treasure in your organisation… someone you never look at in the same way again after you’ve heard them sing (for all the right reasons!)

Singing on your own is great. But let’s face it – it’s tricky to create musical harmony with just one voice isn’t it!?

How does harmony work for you? What makes you feel harmonious?