We are living in a more ‘disposable’ society. By this I mean that we are prone to giving things up more easily and/or not committing to activities so readily. One of my things about the community choir is that although I get around 110-120 people through the door, inevitably, it’s never the same 110-120!

So I developed ‘Pop Up’ singing. Like some shops appearing for a brief while, then disappearing, this idea has the same foundations. I select regular dates in a regular venue with a similar format…. but the songs are different every month. This means that if you ‘miss’ a session you haven’t actually ‘missed’ anything at all (apart from a good sing songs and a night out!). It’s suitable for all of those people who want to join a choir but can’t find the time to commit. It also helps being ‘pay as you go’.

Test Match Pop Up april.jpg

We had a great gang on Wednesday at the Test Match Pub (Huge thanks to them – they always make us feel so welcome). We sang Uptown Girl, Uptown Funk, When you’re gone, Take a chance on me, Wake me up before you go go and Just can’t get enough. Fabulously of course. I attach some of our audio recordings – we always do a bit of recording and then are very pleased with ourselves when we hear it back!

Do any of these songs have you singing along!? Bear in mind that these recording were achieved in just an hour and a half.

I’ve also adopted this to some of my workplace singing. Today I’ve been with the Library staff and the University of Nottingham (and no, I didn’t make them all sing quietly!) and we sang through few songs with this pop up nature in mind. Meeting monthly could mean that what ever we learn could easily be forgotten so some songs will remain pop up….but I get the feeling that this group of people might fancy committing a little bit more. Watch this space.