On Friday, Hillarys began their journey of song with the start of their workplace Christmas singing package. Around 25 people came along to sing and as is often the case for new ventures, there were some happy faces, some nervous faces and some baffled ones! We began with a warm up , as ever – I like to get my singers moving and singing and most importantly, laughing. We sang along with ‘Turn Around’ by Phats and Small – a cracking 90s tune with some movement and actions to help us along the way. I think we broke the ice – it certainly felt like it!

I had a feeling we were on to a good thing – I felt like everyone wanted to join in and get involved not least because before starting they’d already designed a logo for our newly formed choir and were taking orders for clothing to be printed! I love the feeling this gives everyone – a sense of belonging and community which I believe are at the hearts of all choirs.

We sang, we got the jingle bells out, we danced around and we made a lovely sound. I’m always amazed at how quickly, when people sing together, that they sound like they are ‘one voice’. The group element is very quickly established and I think this is due to the shared goal everyone has. I noticed a few people who caught my eye (and ears) as they slowly but surely gained confidence and sang more. The body language slightly shifted as people stood straighter, smiled more and relaxed into the project. I felt very grateful for the energy everyone gave, for the singing and dancing and the happiness.

At the end of the session, I asked the singers to write one word to describe how the felt having sung together. The words speak for themselves – lots of descriptions of happy, I loved energised, elated, joyful – all things I’ve come to find happen a lot when we sing together. Can’t wait to see how we get on when I’m back there in 2 weeks! I wish it could be Christmas every day xx