Hillarys Liberty Singers Christmas Project

I’ve talked a lot about the success of my workplace Christmas singing project – but today, I’m sharing with you an interview with one of the Hillarys singers. She makes some great insights as to why she felt the project worked and how much she enjoyed it personally.

Rachel Horton has worked at Hillarys for 27 years and her role is Trade Area Manager support. I asked her some questions about wellbeing activities at work….

Have you been a part of wellbeing activities before at work?


Were you happy to join in with the Christmas singing project?

Yes very happy, to escape my desk for a while and the after school routine, just for 1 day. Even with children it’s hard to get through the Christmas run up and feel positive and get in the spirit of the festive season when work and home life is hectic. The group singing definitely helped. It was great, uplifting, exciting, mixed with a bit of apprehension as to how we would sound although we didn’t need to worry. 

How did it make you feel personally? 

Very uplifted, positive and happy with what I was doing, even though I forgot my hair appointment that night, which isn’t good the week before Christmas, but it was sorted in the end. 

Have you sung in choir before?

A group of us as school parents joined the school choir and sang independently of the children, so it was an adult choir and I believe, looking back,  it had the same impact on us as parents. 

Do you think it had an impact on others at Hillarys?

Yes I do,  I think we felt valued to be part of such a great project and confident our singing teacher would get the best out of us.  Others have said they wish they could have joined in, but felt work restrictions would not allow them to, which is sad. I would urge anyone who loves to belt out a great tune to come along, and get involved.

What was this impact?

It has proved to others that if we want to we can achieve anything. It was great to be part of something special,  and the togetherness it created within the group was evident, feeling you belonged and we were there to achieve the same goal,  to sing and feel happy. There is an element of stress relief involved as well, I felt. 

Do you agree that the singing project had created better feeling at work for employees?

I would agree, although it is difficult to say when we are all spread around a large site, we have a small number in our office so we do sing the odd line here and there. 

How do you think other people feel about the singing project?

I have had mixed reviews, some negative, thinking we should be there to work, others wished they could join in but are too shy or feel their boss would reject their request.  I can safely say for us who have taken up the opportunity, certainly haven’t regretted it. 

Do you have any other comments about singing at work?

We have different working environments at Hillarys, from manufacturing, office,  call centre and management, some have an opportunity to sing ‘on the job’ some don’t,  I certainly try while I’m at my desk, I love singing and being sociable. So this is a great way to let it out and a build confidence if you can’t do it at your desk! 

Huge thanks to Rachel; for sharing her insights with me, and now you! My latest scheme is ‘The Dawn Chorus Project’ where I’m offering singing before the working day. Do you think this is something that could get your employees off to the best start possible? Do you think it could improve working relationships at work and help to build a community where people feel valued and understood? Could singing in your organisation lift spirits in the same way that it has at Hillarys? I’m available to talk to you about how we can make this work together. Please do get in touch!