Today I am promoting my work place singing!

The joy of singing can bring a real sense of purpose to the workplace. It can help create and develop relationships within teams or across departments leading to improved communications and good inter-departmental bonds.

I offer bespoke workshops – these are often one-off sessions regularly incorporated into other wellbeing events (where staff have the option to join in with yoga, drumming and all sorts of other lovely things!) These sessions run like my pop up choirs – where we start and finish a selection of songs in the time given.

Additionally, there’s the option to extend this to being a regular meet up (weekly, fortnightly, monthly) giving people the chance to cement relationships and work towards creating something which potentially could lead to performance.

I’m very keen to share the work I’ve been doing on mindfulness and singing and am able to either incorporate this into the sessions mentioned above, or to run stand alone sessions with a more mindful focus.

If you’re at all interested, do please get in touch and please share to any of your contacts. Prices are available on request.