Show me a garden that's bursting into life......

It’s official. Chasing Cars has been the most played song of the 21st century on UK radio.

I’m not one bit surprised. As any of you who have ever sung in a choir with me, you’ll know my love for this song. True to form for a Snow Patrol song, its strength lies in its utter simplicity, melody and lyrics. I love it. The Churchfields Community choir which I ran in Beckenham sang this firstly as a 2 part version… but then, one evening, I simply took two of my ‘high ladies’ and simply got them to replicate one of the parts an octave higher. Beautiful. When I moved to west Bridgford, I introduced it as a 4 part version to my new clutch of singers and they sang it amazingly too.

Written in the key of A major, the whole piece circles around just 3 chords (typical of Snow Patrol) and yet it is a brilliant song. I have listened to this, sung to it, arranged to and over it for many years. Last spring, I created a full acapella version of it!

What do you think to it? Does it fill you with love and wonder as it does me?

I attach a rough rehearsal recording from this year with the West Bridgford Liberty Singers creating the 4 part version. Every time we sing it, I expect tears. And I usually get some….